Cape York Sportsfishing

Cape York Sportsfishing

What’s Included

Our key focus is on delivering the best hospitality and fishing experience we possibly can.

To make your stay more enjoyable we have comfortable accommodation, great meals, quality fishing equipment, dedicated sportsfishing boats and include a trip to the tip.

The history and culture of this pristine area also features with indigenous art on the island and mainland, as well as early settler history.

Our guest house accommodates an individual or a group of up to 20 friends and family. You will feel right at home in our easy living accommodation.

Tropical Paradise


Most rooms are twin share with 2 large high quality single beds, heavy curtains and airconditioning.

One room is multishare with 3 single beds, and can be expanded to 4 on request.

Each floor has its own bathrooms which are shared between the rooms on that floor with showers and toilets.

The bar and dining area is used at meal times and available for tea and coffee all day. 

Have a look at our video of the accommodation to get an idea of where you’ll be staying.

Have a look at our video of the accom to get an idea of where you’ll be staying.

Amazing Tropical Cuisine


Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included.

Our guests are asked to put forward requests for their favourite cuisine and we will customise our menu to suit their tastes.

Obviously our local Torres Strait seafood are crowd favourites and feature heavily on most nights. But great steaks and smoked meats are also a speciality of our staff.

The daily routine is cooked breakfast in the morning before fishing, take away packed lunch and appetisers on returning from fishing and chilled beverages ready. And a hearty dinner around sunset.

Top Quality


All your fishing equipment is supplied. However, you are welcome to bring your favourite gear. Also we recommend you bring some lures from your stash just in case.

Our fly fishermen usually bring all their own equipment as it’s very personal and much easier to transport than bluewater gear.

We have several dedicated sportsfishing vessels to cater to all sorts of weather and any fishing styles you wish to choose.

Tropical Paradise

Tour to the Tip

Albany Island is only a short distance from the tip of Australia and most of our guests love to get their photo taken with the sign at the tip.

We take a short boat ride from the island to get to the tip.

So much fishing available you will struggle to choose an option.